Gay Parties in Cork in 1970s

Parties in the homes of gay men provided an important venue for socialising among gay men in Cork in the 1970s.

Dave Gordon remembers attending these parties in Cork in the 1970s:

They were great fun!”

“We used to travel a lot, carloads of us, in the city and outside – There was kind of a circuit….We used to down to Buttevant to a lad who lived there and he used to throw fabulous parties.  They were great fun.  He was very rich so there was always plenty of booze……..There were quite a few places, Kinsale etc.”

“But that also was a kind of a clique.”

“They were mostly gay men, or the gay men and their straight lady friends…..there were quite a few of those…which they unkindly called fag hags.”

Listen to Dave Gordon  talking with Orla Egan about gay parties in Cork in the 1970s.