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Cork Gay Collective at Dublin Pride 1983.jpg
Cork Gay Collective at Dublin Pride 1983. Donal Sheehan and Pat McCarthy with Cork Gay Collective banner outside Stephen's Green in Dublin. Mary Molloy of Dublin Lesbian and Gay Collective also in the picture.

Handwritten notes outlining the background to the establishment of the Cork Gay Collective, its initial development and relationship with the Cork IGRM (Irish Gay Rights Movement).

1981 Receipt No. 1366 for P.O. Box No 39 for Cork Gay Collective from An Roinn Poist Agus Telegrafa. From 1/3/81 to 31/12/81.

Gay Rights Now Leaflet produced by Cork LGBT groups in the 1980s. Covers the rights of lesbian women and gay men, the right to form loving relationships without being labelled criminals, the right to live as citizens equal before the law with…

Request for people to participate in a taped discussion on the experiences of lesbians and gay men in the Quay Co-op in Cork as part of the preparation of an article for inclusion in the Irish publication Out For Ourselves (published in 1986).

"Kieran seeks rights for gays' Interview with Kieran Rose by Liz Doran, Cork Examiner August 3, 1983. Includes discussion of impact of church's stand on homosexuality, gay bashing, gays rights at work, feminism and the activities of the Cork Gay…

Letter from Donal Sheehan on behalf of Cork Gay Collective to Gay Miners Support Group in Sheffield. 28 September 1984. Letter offers support and suggests getting a speaker from the Sheffield group to visit Cork.

Information sheet prepared by Cork Gay Collective to keep in touch with other LGBT groups and activists. September 1984.

Letter from Cork Lesbian Group and Cork Gay Collective to Martin O Reagan Vice-President of UCC Student's Union, protesting the inaccurate and misleading information on lesbians and gay men in the UCC Student Handbook. 1984-85
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