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In 1989 the Cork Lesbian Line Collective and the Belfast Lesbian Line participated in a Co-operation North Exchange. They were awarded 1st Prize in the Women's Links Section.

Report on the attempts by the Cork Lesbian Line to have an advertisement for the Cork Lesbian Line placed in the Cork Examiner paper. While the advert was initially accepted, it was not printed and the Examiner informed the women that it would not…

Handwritten notes outlining the reasons for setting up the Cork Lesbian Line, which began operating in January 1985 and discussing its aims and operation.

Artwork for stickers advertising the phone number and operating times for Gay Information Cork, the telephone helpline set up in 1985. For further information see:

Sheet of stickers for the Cork Lesbian Line advertising the telephone helpline number - probably from the 1980s.

Agenda for one day Joint Meeting between Gay Information Cork and TAF (Tel-A-Friend) on 8 December 1984. Lists facilitators and topics for discussion.

Form letter (recipients to be filled in) from Gay Information Cork seeking contributions to help fund advertising the gay helpline services. 1980s.

Series of letters between Gay Information Cork / Cork Lesbian Line and Cork Examiner / Evening Echo re the refusal of the papers to carry advertisements for the telephone helplines. Letter 14 June 1985 from Kieran Rose for Gay Information Cork and…
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