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1986 Gay Health Action Press Release.pdf
1986 Press Release from Gay Health Action Ireland, publicising the production of the HTLV-3 Test Leaflet. It discusses how GHA has taken the initiative in disseminating accurate information on AIDS in Ireland. GHA "recognises the need for accurate…

1985:86 Letters Gay Health Action and Belfast Family Planning.pdf
Correspondence between Gay Health Action in Cork and The Family Planning Association in Belfast in relation to the AIDS Leaflet and Safe Sex cards produced in Cork in 1985. The Belfast group praised the AIDS Leaflet and requested more copies: "I've…

1986 AIDS Information Booklet.pdf
AIDS Information Booklet produced by Gay Health Action in Ireland in 1986. It provides information about Gay Health Action, about AIDS in Ireland and action to address AIDS. It also provides information on relevant organisations in Ireland.

CAIRDE was an Irish organisation established in the 1980s to provide support to people affected by AIDS. This leaflet provides information about CAIRDE, how it works and the support and training it provides. CAIRDE is the Irish word for friends.

Play Safe Card 1985.jpg
Two Play safe cards produced by Gay Health Action (Cork and Dublin) in 1985. Promoting safer sexual practice. Provides details of Safe, Possibly Risky and Very Risky sexual practices. Also includes contact details for Gay Information Services in…

Irish Quilt Tour 1991.JPG
Poster for the Irish Quilt Tour. The AIDS Memorial Quilt was displayed in a number of venues in Ireland in 1991, including in the Cork City Hall in January 1991. Talks and workshops were also organised, along with a number of memorial concerts.

Friends of Eon.jpg
Membership card for the Friends of Eon, an Irish Transgender organisation established in the mid 1970s. Members from all over Ireland and included transexuals, those who were transitioning and transvestites. The Friends of Eon ran a weekly…

Test (1).pdf
Article about the Cork LGBT Archive and Cork LGBT History written by Orla Egan and published in the Cork Pride Magazine 2016

Video of speeches by Kate Moynihan of Linc, Cork's community centre for lesbians and bisexual women, and Dave Roche, Cork Gay Centre at the launch of the Cork LGBT Awareness Week in Cork City Hall on Monday 16 May 2016.

View of Patrick's Bridge Cork
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