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Out & About from Orla Egan on Vimeo.

Out and About film, providing a LGBT historical walking tour of Cork. Film produced by Cork community film company Frameworks Films in conjunction with the Cork LGBT community. Film narrated by Orla Egan and John Dunlea.

Cork LGBT Archive from Orla Egan on Vimeo.

Short video outlining the background to and aims of the Cork LGBT Archive, showcasing some of the materials in the archive and introducing the various digital resources developed.

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In 1979 Arthur Leahy and Lauie Steele were interviewed by RTE for a programme broadcast by the Irish national television station.

Campaign for the Rights of Lesbians and Gay Men - 1980s leaflet jointly produced by the National Gay Federation, Dublin Gay Collective, Liberation for Irish Lesbians, Cork Gay Collective, Derry Gay Rights Association. Covers Number, Legal Status,…

Double sided A5 leaflet providing information on coming out at school and on groups and meeting places for lesbians and gay men in Cork. 1980s

Hand drawn poster for Cork Women's Place from 1980s.

Gay Rights Now Leaflet produced by Cork LGBT groups in the 1980s. Covers the rights of lesbian women and gay men, the right to form loving relationships without being labelled criminals, the right to live as citizens equal before the law with…

Manifesto and Poster for Cork Gay Collective. A3 Poster folded twice to form A5 booklet. Manifesto on front, Information on back and further information inside. Folds out to Poster. Produced in number of colours including yellow and blue

Notice of plan to distribute leaflets in Cork city centre as part of the 1981 Gay Pride Week. The action was organised by the Cork Gay Collective and the Cork Branch of the Irish Gay Rights Movement.

2 sided Poster / Leaflet for Gay Pride Week, 20-28 June 1981 in Cork.
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