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CIT LGBT Society is a student society in Cork Institute of Technology that provides support and services for full-time CIT students. The society was set up in 2012.
The aims and objectives of the society are to:
[Support] To provide a private and confidential forum for members to be themselves and get to know people who have gone through similar experiences.
[Social] To engage in social activities to develop friendships and widen the outreach of the LGBT* community in the Students’ Union and further afield.
[Education] To organise and implement information sessions during the year through activities or other
campaigns to increase awareness of LGBT* issues.
[Signposting] To provide external support for those members who need it, including aiding individuals in
accessing help and advice from professional bodies and charities.
[Inclusion] Making members feel welcome and included in the Institute.
[Tolerance] Promote tolerance, acceptance and understanding of all sexualities and gender identities with
a view to ending the discrimination faced by, and faced within, the LGBT* community.
[Enrichment] To enhance the ‘student experience’ for LGBT* students.

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CIT Gay/Straight or Gender & Sexuality Alliance Handbook
Handbook on Setting up a Gay/Straight or Gender & Sexuality Alliance in your school. Written and produced by the LGBT Society in Cork Institute of Technology. The Handbook aims to help secondary school students create safe spaces and support…
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