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The Quay Co-op opened on Sullivan's Quay in Cork in May 1982. The Quay Co-op was established as a Workers’ Co-operative which brought together gay men and lesbians, women’s groups, left-wing organisations, environmental and anti-nuclear groups. The building housed a cafe, bookshop, food co-op, women’s place and meeting rooms which were used by various ‘ alternative’ groups in the city. The Quay Co-op provided an important base for the further development of the Cork LGTB community and for social change movements in the city.


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Quay Co-op 1980s Poster
1980s Poster for Quay Co-op Cork, advertising activities including Vegetarian Cafe, Bookshop, Food Co-op and Women's Place

1985 Quay Co-op Benefit Poster
Poster for benefit night for Quay Co-op on Friday 2 March 1985

Quay Co-op 33 years old!
Window display marking 33 years of Quay Co-op Sullivan's Quay Cork, taken May 2015.

1982 Quay Co-op Document
1982 document about the Quay Co-operative Cork. Outlines the structure of the Quay Co-op and the various projects operating there. It makes the case for outside financial support for the creation of a number of new jobs in the Co-op.

Quare Times Spring 1984 Cork Edition
Spring 1984 Cork Edition of Quare Times Lesbian/Gay Magazine. Quare Times was initiated by the Dublin Gay Collective. This edition was produced by people linked with the Quay Co-op in Cork.

1988 Gay Books Quay Co-op
12 page listing of the gay books held in the Quay Co-op bookshop in 1988, including an order form. Also included is a letter requesting information on books listed (name and address redacted).

Arthur Leahy & Donal Sheehan Quay Co-op 1995
Arthur Leahy and Donal Sheehan in the Quay Co-op in Cork at launch of Kieran Rose's book (Diverse Communities) in 1995. Arthur and Donal were involved in the establishment of the Cork Gay Collective (1980) and the Quay Co-op (1982).

Donal Sheehan painting Quay Co-op 1982
Donal Sheehan painting the Quay Co-op prior to its opening in 1982. The Quay Co-op was established as a workers co-op by a range of gay, feminist, environmentalist and left-wing activists. The building on Sullivan's Quay where the Quay Co-op was…

Kieran Rose's Speech at Donal Sheehan's Funeral 2008
Speech by Kieran Rose at Donal Sheehan's Funeral in Cork in 2008. Kieran and Donal were both founding members of the Cork Gay Collective and the Quay Co-op. Donal was also a founder of Gay Health Action and the Cork Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

Film clip about the Quay Co-op on Sullivan's Quay Cork. Interviews with Orla Egan and John Dunlea about the significance of the Quay Co-op and the activities there in the 1980s. Clip from Out and About film produced by Frameworks Films.
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