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Cork Women's Place 1982-1990

A Women's Place was established as part of the Quay Co-op on Sullivan's Quay, Cork when it opened in 1982.  A number of rooms were set aside for the development of the women's place, creating a meeting space and facilitating the hosting and development of a number of groups and projects.  It was an important base for the development of the Cork Lesbian Discussion Group, the Cork Lesbian Collective and the Lesbian Line.  Other groups included the Cork Rape Crisis service and the Women's Health Group.  A women's library was set up providing valuable resources for women.  The Women's Place participated in a number of exchanges with women in Belfast in the 1980s, funded by the Co-operation North programme.  

While an integral part of the Quay Co-op, there were tensions at times between the Women's Place and the Steering Group of the Quay Co-op, usually around time and resources.  These tensions escalated in the late 1980s, with a decision being taken to move the Women's Place out of the Quay Co-op.  After some delay a new Women's Place was opened on MacCurtain Street but it closed in 1990.