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The Cork LGBT Archive aims to preserve, digitise, share and display information in relation to the history of the LGBT communities in Cork, Ireland.

Cork has a long and rich history of LGBT activism, community formation and development. Since at least the 1970s LGBT people in Cork have forged communities, established organisations, set up services and reached out to others. As well as campaigning for LGBT rights and providing services and supports to LGBT people, the LGBT community has played a vital role in movements for social justice and political change in Cork. Yet this community, like many other LGBT communities worldwide, has been largely invisible in historical accounts and its contribution to social and political change and developments largely unacknowledged.

The Arthur Leahy collection is at the core of the Cork LGBT Archive. This is a private collection, gathered since the 1970s, and including posters, newsletters, leaflets and other items. In addition to this collection, items are also being gathered from other smaller collections and individual items held by members of the community.. Oral histories will also be included.

While the archive strives to be a LGBT archive, much of the materials from the earlier decades refer to the lesbian and gay communities, with little reference or acknowledgement of the bisexual or transgender communities. Every effort is being made to redress this imbalance and to access a wider range of information.

The Digital Archive has been developed by Cork LGBT activist and historian Orla Egan.

See http://corklgbtarchive.com/admin/items/show/id/143 for short video about the archive.

The work of the archive is overseen by a broad based Advisory Board. The Cork Gay Project acts as fiscal agent for the project.

A linked website https://corklgbthistory.com/ begins to trace the development of the Cork LGBT community.

If you have any materials you would like to contribute to the archive, or any comments / suggestions, please get in touch corklgbthistory@gmail.com

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