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AIDS Action Alliance was established in 1986 as a national co-ordinating group for voluntary organisations working on AIDS. The constituent groups were: *AIDS Helpline Dublin, Cairde, Gay Health Action, Body Positive Group, Women and AIDS Group, Youth Action Project Ballymun, Practical AID, Western AIDS Action Alliance, Cork AIDS Alliance and Irish Frontliners. Support was also received from a wide range of affiliated groups, such as Trade Unions, Professional Associations, Women's Groups, etc. The aim of AIDS Action Alliance was to identify and meet the needs of their constituent groups, provide central resources, and to co-ordinate the work of various groups working in the area of AIDS in Ireland.

*AIDS Helpline Dublin was established in April 1987 by AIDS Action Alliance. The original volunteers were already trained in other services like Women And AIDS, Gay Health Action, Tel-A-Friend and Cairde.


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AIDS Action Alliance Newsletter
Newsletter of AIDS Action Alliance which was established in 1986 as a co-ordinating group for voluntary organisations working on AIDS in Ireland. Constituent groups include: AIDS Helpline Dublin, Cairde, Gay Health Action, Body Positive Group, Women…

Irish AIDS Helplines Poster
Poster included as part of AIDS Action Alliance Newsletter, advertising the AIDS Helplines in Belfast, Cork, Dublin and Galway

AIDS Action Alliance Q&A Booklet
Booklet from AIDS Action Alliance providing information about AIDS. It includes the contact details for AIDS helplines on the island of Ireland.

National AIDS Organisation Proposed Working Structure
Proposed working structure for National AIDS Organisation. Refers to suggested titles of the organisation: "National AIDS Alliance", "Irish AIDS Alliance", or the unchanged "AIDS Action Alliance". Page 1 and 2 refer to aims and structure of the…

Proposed Text For "AIDS And Drugs" Leaflet
Draft text for "AIDS and Drugs" leaflet, dated 10 March 1989. First page gives information about how HIV is spread (intravenous drug use, unsafe sex, perinatal transmission) and guidance in how to reduce the risks of HIV infection. Includes two…

AIDS Action Alliance Information Leaflet
Information leaflet (trifold) for AIDS Action Alliance (AAA).
First page, verso is the front cover. Centre panel provides information about AIDS Action Alliance. States that it is "an alliance of groups working with AIDS affected people." Continued…

Minutes Of AIDS Action Alliance Meeting
Minutes of AIDS Action Alliance Meeting dated 6 January 1988.
First page lists attendance, apologies and those absent. Agenda. Matters Arising. Correspondence.
Second page: Correspondence continued. Reports. Cairde. Women and AIDS.
Third page:…

AIDS Action Alliance Syringe Exchange Conference Report
Report for AIDS Action Alliance Syringe Exchange Conference dated February 1989.
1st page: Contents. Rubber stamped with an address: AIDS Action Alliance, 13 Chirstchurch Place, Dublin 8.
2nd page: Script 1. Speaker: Martin Donoghue.
3rd page is…

Stories From The Silence Leaflet
Leaflet entitled "AIDS Action Alliance / Irish Family Planning Association Present Stories From the Silence".
First page: Subheading reads: "A documentary on Irish people with AIDS". Includes first half of second page due to the way the leaflet…
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