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Cork AIDS Alliance was founded on 29 July, 1987. Representatives from Cork STD Clinic, Gay Health Action, Alcohol and Drug Treatment Unit, the Haemophilia Group and the Bishops's Task Force on AIDS were in attendance at the first inaugural meeting. Shortly after the group was launched they organised an Information Day on AIDS in Cork City, raised funds to rent and equip an office, trained volunteers for a Cork Branch of Cairde (a befriending service for people affected by AIDS). CAA officially opened its office in mid-February, 1988. Cork AIDS Helpline started operation on 29 February, 1988, providing a telephone service for three days of the week. CAA's Outreach Group provided speakers and seminars to a wide variety of local organisations. Free sexual health and HIV/AIDS educational material was freely available from their office on 22 MacCurtain Street, Cork.


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Cork AIDS Helpline Poster
Poster advertising Cork AIDS Helpline, produced by Cork AIDS Alliance

Cork AIDS Alliance Stickers
Sheet of stickers for Cork AIDS Alliance, showing bird image and telephone number

Cork AIDS Alliance 1987 Press Release
September 1987 Press Release announcing a Cork Seminar on AIDS on 26 September 1987, organised by the newly established Cork AIDS Alliance (CAA). It outlines the aims of CAA - "CAA aims to provide support for those affected by AIDS through the…

Cork AIDS Alliance Leaflet
Leaflet providing information about the Cork AIDS Alliance and its activities. It includes the contact details for the Cork AIDS helpline.

Cork AIDS Helpline Poster
Poster for the Cork AIDS Helpline. Includes contact number for Cork AIDS Helpline and postal address information for the Cork AIDS Alliance. Support, Advice, Information, Help.

Cork AIDS Alliance Briefing Pack
Briefing Pack from the Cork AIDS Alliance, 22 McCurtain Street, Cork dated January 1988. Includes, "Background and Strategy, Statement of Aims, Samples of Information Material, Press Cuttings." Gives a history of Cork AIDS Alliance, funding,…

Cork AIDS Alliance Corks Regionals Voluntary-Sector AIDS Service
Cork AIDS Alliance, Cork's Regional Voluntary-Sector AIDS Service. Cork AIDS Alliance is described as "a voluntary organisation providing a wide range of support and information services on AIDS in the Cork region". Gives information on AIDS,…

Cork AIDS Alliance Press Release Visual AIDS Exhibition
Press release dated 20 January 1990 by Cork AIDS Alliance, 16 Peter's Street, Cork for the Visual AIDS Exhibition. Describes Visual AIDS, and the objectives of the exhibition, and states that the exhibition was assembled by Professor James Millar of…

Opening Of Visual AIDS Exhibition Remarks By Senator Brendan Ryan
Speech by Senator Brendan Ryan at the opening of an exhibition of AIDS posters from around the world, entitled "Visual AIDS", organised by the Cork AIDS Alliance and hosted in No. 5 South Mall, Cork on Friday January 26 [year omitted] at 8.00 pm.…

Sponsored Irish Bike Ride Irish AIDS Day
Advertisement entitled "Sponsored Irish Bike Ride from Derry to Cork" for Irish AIDS Day, organised by Cork AIDS Alliance. Departure dated 14 May and arrival dated 26th May [year omitted]. Lettering reads "Support Fr John White & Friends in raising…
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