Cork LGBT Archive Cork Queeros

Portraits of a Community

Cork Queeros is a photography exhibition of members of the Cork LGBT community. It includes community activists, athletes, artists…. those who contribute to making the Cork LGBT community colourful, dynamic and vibrant.

The exhibition showcases photos, self-selected by the participants, alongside biographical information about each person connection to the Cork LGBT community. The most senior participant was born in 1945, while the youngest was born in 1999!

Cork Queeros is about increasing the visibility of the Cork LGBT Community and giving us an opportunity to see ourselves, as Cork LGBT people, reflected in this exhibition. It is particularly important to give young LGBT people, and those who may be exploring their sexuality or gender identity, an opportunity to be able to see the diversity and fabulousness of our Cork LGBT Community.

This is just the beginning - the plan is to add to the collection over time, including even more Cork Queeros.