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c. 1984 document about the workers in the Women's Place in Quay Co-op in Cork. Discusses the fact that one staff member is leaving and the arrangements for new workers. It also mentions plans for fund-raising.

Discussion paper on administrative and financial arrangements between the Women's Place and the Quay Co-op. Part of ongoing discussions about these issues.

Submission from Cork Women's Place to the Overheads Group in the Quay Co-op Cork about the financial relationship between the Women's Place and the Quay Co-op. It objects to the request that the Women's Place should pay overhead costs to the Quay…

Document outlining fund-raising and publicity objectives for the Women's Place in the Quay Co-op in Cork. It outlines a six-month fund-raising plan to work towards the aim of the financial independence for the Women's Place. This includes funding…

Document outlining the objectives of the Women's Library in the Women's Place in the Quay Co-op in Cork. It discusses the different sections of the library: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Booklets and Pamphlets, Articles and Magazines. It outlines what each…

Support Group Proposal for the Cork Women's Place in the Quay Co-op. Proposal for it to be a Drop-In Centre, A Resource Centre and an Information Base, in which the workers in the Women's Place supported the women visiting and using the place. The…

Report on a Women's Weekend event held in Blarney Street, Cork in 1991, organised by the Cork Women's Action Group. Over 50 women attended, with workshops held on Women and Money; Women, Heath and Stress and on Women and Violence. Six working…

Article for Quay Co-op Newsletter on Cork Lesbian Group, why it was set up and how it operates. Also includes discussion of newly formed Cork Lesbian Line group.

Press Information from Organising Committee about the National Gay Conference 1981.

1981 Cork Gay Conference Pack.pdf
Conference Pack for 1981 National Gay Conference in Cork, including welcome, information on workshops, form for proposing motions and standing orders
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