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LGBT Workers Rights and Irish Trade Unions COLLECTION


LGBT Workers Rights
Trade Unions


Up until the 1990s the rights of LGBT workers were not protected under Irish legislation. LGBT people frequently experienced prejudice and discrimination in their workplaces. Protecting the rights of LGBT workers and campaigning for legislative changes became a priority of the Irish LGBT organisations that began to emerge in the 1970s and 1980s. Cork LGBT activists played a central role in the campaign for LGTB workers' rights and bringing about changes in the legislation.


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Collection Items

Gay Rights Motion Speech Cork Branch of LGPSU 1982
Text of Speech given by Kieran Rose and Tricia Treacey in support of the Gay Rights Motion (No. 35) to the Cork Branch of LGPSU (Local Government and Public Service Union) 30.2.82

1982 LGPSU Gay Rights Motion Article in Cork Examiner
14 May 1982 article in Cork Examiner about passing of motion in support of gay rights at Local Government and Public Service Union in Tralee - motion proposed by Cork branch.

Michael D. Higgins 1980 letters re Gay Rights and Trade Union
Letters sent by Michael D. Higgins in 1980 to Irish Press and Irish Times in relation to Trade Unions and Gay Rights. Part of press cuttings collected by Cork Gay Collective.

1982 Gay Rights Motion LGPSU
1982 Motion on Gay Rights proposed by Kieran Rose and Tricia Treacy to Cork Branch of LGPSU (Local Government and Public Service Trade Union). Adopted by Cork Branch and later by Annual Delegate Conference.

1984 Gays at Work IGPSU Leaflet
Gays At Work: Claiming an Identity, 1984 Leaflet produced by Kieran Rose Cork Branch of IGPSU (Irish General and Public Service Union). Urging union action on lesbian and gay rights.

Discrimination Against Sexual Orientation<br /><br />
Donal Sheehan 1986 Article in Distributive Worker Newsletter
Article by Donal Sheehan on Discrimination Against Sexual Orientation in Distributive Worker Newsletter - Official Organ of the Irish Distributive and Administrative Trade Union. The article addresses discrimination faced by LGBT people in the…

1986 Letter Department of Labour to IDATU re Sexual Orientation in Employment Equality Legislation
Letter sent by Ruairi Quinn, Minister for Labour, to John P. Mitchell, General Secretary of IDATU (Irish Distributive and Administrative Trade Union). This is a response to letter from Mr. Mitchell requesting a change in the Employment Equality Act…

Gays and the Trade Unions<br /><br />
Motions passed at 1981 National Gay Conference Cork
A workshop on Gays and the Trade Unions was held at the National Gay Conference in Cork in 1981. A series of motions on employment rights for lesbians and gay men were passed at the conference.

ICTU 1987 Lesbian and Gay Rights in the Workplace Guidelines for Negotiators
In 1987 the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) produced this policy document on the issues faced by lesbian and gay workers and the steps that unions could and should take to counteract discrimination against lesbian and gay workers.
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