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Kieran Rose is a Cork gay activist who was born in 1953.
He began his activism as a founding member of the Cork Gay Collective and then later the Quay Coop. He campaigned for the rights of lesbian and gay workers resulting in the ICTU policy document of 1987 "Lesbian and Gay Rights in the Workplace".
He was a co-founder of GLEN in 1989 which went on to campaign successfully for gay law reform. He has also written "Diverse Communities: The Evolution of Lesbian and Gay Politics in Ireland". He has put together an incredible collection of photographs from the 1970s onwards.


Kieran Rose


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Collection Items

Laurie Steele ICTU Conference Cork 1981
Photograph of Laurie Steele, as part of Cork Gay Collective, leafleting outside the Annual Delegate Conference of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) in City Hall, Cork in 1981. Laurie Steele holds a placard that states Gay Rights, Workers…

Cathal Kerrigan canvassing Michael O'Riordan at ICTU General Conference Cork 1981
Photograph of Cathal Kerrigan, Cork Gay Collective and UCC Gay Soc canvassing Michael O'Riordan, then General Secretary of the Communist Party of Ireland [CPI] and a member of the International Brigade in the 1930s, on his way in to the ICTU annual…

Kieran Rose with President Mary Robinson Áras an Uachtaráin December 1992
In December 1992 President Mary Robinson invited Irish lesbian and gay activists to Áras an Uachtaráin (the home of the Irish President). President Mary Robinson had been inaugurated in November 1992 so this was one of her initial public…

Donal Sheehan Garden Cork 1980s
Photograph of Donal Sheehan in garden in Cork in 1980s. Donal was a Cork LGBT and Community activist, a founder member of the Cork Gay Collective and the Quay Co-op Cork.

Arthur Leahy & Donal Sheehan Quay Co-op 1995
Arthur Leahy and Donal Sheehan in the Quay Co-op in Cork at launch of Kieran Rose's book (Diverse Communities) in 1995. Arthur and Donal were involved in the establishment of the Cork Gay Collective (1980) and the Quay Co-op (1982).

Donal Sheehan painting Quay Co-op 1982
Donal Sheehan painting the Quay Co-op prior to its opening in 1982. The Quay Co-op was established as a workers co-op by a range of gay, feminist, environmentalist and left-wing activists. The building on Sullivan's Quay where the Quay Co-op was…

Kieran Rose's Speech at Donal Sheehan's Funeral 2008
Speech by Kieran Rose at Donal Sheehan's Funeral in Cork in 2008. Kieran and Donal were both founding members of the Cork Gay Collective and the Quay Co-op. Donal was also a founder of Gay Health Action and the Cork Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

Cork Anti-Amendment Group Daunt Square
Member of Cork Gay Collective and Quay Co-op, including Arthur Leahy, at information stand in Daunt Square Cork - providing information and petition in relation to the proposed amendment to the Irish Constitution to protect the life of the unborn…

Cork Gay Collective at Dublin Pride 1984
Cork Gay Collective banner and Cork lesbian and gay group at Dublin Pride march 1984.
Includes Arthur Leahy and Donal Sheehan.

Renovating Quay Co-op 1982<br /><br />
People in Windows
People in windows of Quay Co-op during the renovation of the building prior to its opening May 1982.
The Quay Co-op was established as a workers co-operative and housed a vegetarian cafe, food co-op, bookshop, meeting rooms and Women's Place.
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