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UCC Gay Soc / UCC LGBT Society / UCC LGBT Staff Network


UCC Gay Soc / UCC LGBT Society
UCC LGBT Staff Network


UCC Gay Society set up in 1980, finally recognised by UCC in 1989. Renamed UCC LGBT Society.
UCC LGBT Staff Network established in 2007.


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1981 UCC Gay Soc Press Release
1981 Press Release from UCC Gay Society following refusal of Governing Body to recognise the society.

Kieran Rose 1981 Letter Protesting Non-Recognition of UCC Gay Soc
Letter from Kieran Rose to UCC Joint Board, 26 February 1981, protesting the refusal to recognise the UCC GaySoc.

Lesbian and Gay Listing for UCC Student Union Handbook 1980s
Information and listings on gay and lesbians activities in Cork provided by Gay Information Cork for inclusion in the UCC Student Union Handbook. 1980s. Address and phone number of sender redacted.

UCC LGBT Society 2015 Coming Out Week Stand
UCC LGBT Society's stand for Coming Out Week 2015 in front of Boole Library UCC. Left to Right: David Ryan, Oakleigh Weeks, Marz Keane, Matt Kennedy, Ellie Manhony

Gay Students - UCC Gay Society Leaflet c. 1985
Two sided information leaflet for students about the UCC Gay Society and gay students in UCC. Discusses the refusal of the Governing body to recognise the Gay Society. It also discusses links with other groups, including the Socialist Society and…

This document provides a personal account from Cathal (Charles) Kerrigan of the founding of the Gay Soc in UCC and it's early (unsuccessful) attempts to get recognition from UCC as a college society. It also contains an account of Cathal's…

UCC LGBT Staff Network 2019 Equality Award
UCC LGBT+ Staff Network’s committee won the 2019 “Frank McGrath Perpetual Award for Equality and Welfare” at UCC. The President of UCC, Prof. Patrick G. O’Shea, presented the Award to Mary O’Rourke, representing the Network, at UCC’s annual Staff…

Film clip on the formation of the UCC Gay Society in 1980. Clip from the 2005 Out and About film produced by Frameworks Films.

Rainbow and Trans flags UCC 2019
Members of the UCC LGBT Staff Network, Joan McCarthy and Mary O Rourke, with Vice President of UCC John O'Halloran and UCC President Patrick O Shea, holding the trans flag and rainbow flags in UCC quad. The flags were raised to fly over UCC marking…

UCC Gay Society and Fan Club 1992<br /><br />
Petra , William, Katherine
Student information stand for the UCC (University College Cork) Gay Society and Fan Club in 1992. Petra Stone, William O Connor, Katherine O Donnell.
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