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Kieran Rose And Eoin Collins Belfast Early 1990s Photo.jpg
A photograph of Kieran Rose and Eoin Collins in Belfast in the early 1990s. This photograph was taken by Louise O'Meara who worked in the Quay Co-Op before returning to Belfast to work in the famous Anarchist bookshop, Just Books.

Leaflet entitled "Time for Women to think...".
First page, verso: What is AIDS? What is HIV? Recto: states "... and talk about HIV infection and AIDS."
Second page, verso: Women and AIDS. Signed: Dr. Jane Wilde, Executive Director, The Health…

1st page is a letter from Gary McKeever, Project Worker, The Rainbow Project, Floor 2, 33 Church Lane, Belfast, dated 22nd May, 1997. Addressed to Ronan Walsh [Correction: Ronan Watters and/or James Walsh??], Southern Gay Health Project, 8 South Main…

2-page fax letter from Tom McManus, The Rainbow Project, 24 Mount Charles, Belfast addressed to Ronan / Emmett concerning a "rather normal invoice". Attaches an invoice for lubricant dated 20th July 1995.

3-page fax letter from Tom McManus, The Rainbow Project, 24 Mount Charles, Belfast dated 24th May 1995 to Ronan concerning pricing and details of how the organisation pays for "stuff". 1st page includes a breakdown of Lube prices, and cost per unit.…

1985:86 Letters Gay Health Action and Belfast Family Planning.pdf
Correspondence between Gay Health Action in Cork and The Family Planning Association in Belfast in relation to the AIDS Leaflet and Safe Sex cards produced in Cork in 1985. The Belfast group praised the AIDS Leaflet and requested more copies: "I've…
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