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Cork AIDS Alliance [CAA] leaflet for 'AIDS to Fight AIDS Benefit' on International AIDS Day, dated Sunday 29 May, 1988. Mentions a lunchtime recital and lists names of participating musicians and singers. Includes AIDS Helpline phone number and…

Document entitled "AIDS Questionnaire" by Cork AIDS Alliance. Addressed: 22 MacCurtain Street, Cork. Includes Cork AIDS Helpline phone number and opening hours. Provides 15 questions with options: agree, disagree, or neither.

Poster for the Cork AIDS Helpline. Includes contact number for Cork AIDS Helpline and postal address information for the Cork AIDS Alliance. Support, Advice, Information, Help.

AIDS Action Alliance Newsletter.pdf
Newsletter of AIDS Action Alliance which was established in 1986 as a co-ordinating group for voluntary organisations working on AIDS in Ireland. Constituent groups include: AIDS Helpline Dublin, Cairde, Gay Health Action, Body Positive Group, Women…

Cork Aids Helpline Poster.jpg
Poster advertising Cork AIDS Helpline, produced by Cork AIDS Alliance
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