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Cork LGBT Archive 2019

Donna Maria Alexander is a Cork bisexual, feminist, activist, emancipated academic, writer, and researcher.

Donna was born in 1987, and grew up in Crosshaven, County Cork.

She always knew she didn’t fit into the heteronormative world long before she learned of words like bisexual and pansexual.

Donna co-wrote an article on bisexuality for the Cork Pride Magazine 2018 called “Bineversity Challenge.” The piece is a conversation with Ellen Desmond from the perspective of their experience of being bi in Ireland as a lecturer and student respectively.

During her career in academia, Donna lectured on feminist and queer poetry, race and representation in contemporary literature, intersectional feminism, intersectional digital humanities, and postcolonialism. She also supervised a number of student dissertations on feminist and queer culture. 

Donna’s activism led her to be heavily involved in the Together 4 Yes campaign to repeal the 8th Amendment. She was a member of UCC Together 4 Yes and contributed to Letters for Repeal and the media watch group. Many of her letters to the editor were published in local, national, and UK press. Previous to this she campaigned for Marriage Equality, attending marches, rallies and lobbying on social media.

Donna is a member the Wikipedia Community Ireland and coorganised the first Irish Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon in 2018. These events seek to improve coverage of pages related to cis and transgender women on Wikipedia."

Donna is a volunteer with the Cork LGBT Archive.


Donna Alexander she /they