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Pauline Walsh is a Cork based gay artist.

Pauline was born in Belfast in 1965, grew up in Skerries County Dublin and now lives in West Cork.

Pauline is an accomplished artist. Her work has been exhibited throughout Ireland and is widely collected and commissioned both privately and commercially. Pauline’s work is included in the following collections: Hennessey, Roxy New York, Jeremy Irons and the Department of the Marine.

Prior to moving to Cork, Pauline worked for Don Bluth Studios and worked on the classic movies Land Before Time, All Dogs go to Heaven and All Dogs II.

Pauline joined LINC Drama Group and co-wrote and performed in the play Ordinary Love in the Cork Arts Theatre in 2014 and 2016.

Pauline was one of the organisers of the Pride By the Sea in Clonakilty as part of Cork Pride Festival in 2019.

Pauline teaches art classes in West Cork and online.




Pauline Walsh she/her