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Ger Philpott 1980

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Ger Philpott is a gay activist and writer.

Ger was born in Cork in 1957.

Ger grew up in a family steeped in Labour politics and Trades unionism on Cork's north side.

Ger was a founder member of Cork Gay Collective, established in 1980.

He established the pioneering lobby AIDSWISE in 1991 to significantly influence and shape official Ireland's response to the AIDS pandemic.

Ger’s best selling book, Deep End, was published in 1995. It tells the story of love, loss and activism in an Ireland scarcely recognisable by today's standards.

Ger was active in the successful Yes Equality (marriage equality) campaign.

He was involved in campaigning against the 1983 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution which banned abortion in Ireland and in the successful 2018 campaign to Repeal the 8th.

Ger played an active role in Labour Party candidate Ivana Bacik's successful Dublin Bay South by-election campaign to the Dáil in 2021.

Ger Philpott he/him