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Will Kennedy 1992 Lebanon

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Will Kennedy is a Cork gay activist and HIV activist.

Will Kennedy born in Cork City in 1957.

Will was actively involved in the Cork gay scene from the ealry 1980s - the first gay venue he attended was the Cork Gay Centre at No. 4 MacCurtain Street.

He joined the army in 1988 when it was still illegal to be Gay in the army. When this changed in 1999 he threw open the door of his closet. From 1999 to 2012 (when he left the army) he was, as far as he knows, the only open, out queer man in Collins Barracks in Cork. 

Will's political activism began in 1994 when he began to volunteer at The Other Place LGBT Community Centre in Cork. Will was one of the first volunteers on the Cork LGBT helpline and is still a volunteer with the National LGBT Helpline. He was also involved in LGBT Recovery groups after he got sober and clean in 1994.  In 1995 he joined the Gay Men’s Health Project, engaging in Sexual Health promotion, education on safe sex and distribution of condoms around the city.

Will was diagnosed with HIV in 2007. In 2008 he joing Positive Now in Dublin and subsequently set up Positive Cork and Act Up Cork. 

Will is a tireless advocate for people living with HIV. He is one of the few people in Cork who is visible and vocal about his HIV status, appearing on both local radio stations and local newspapers. 

In 2014 Will went to UCC as a mature student graduating in 2017.

He continues to take part in a number of different LGBT groups, HIV support groups and will remain an activist for as long as he lives.

Will Kennedy